Annie Helms

5119 Dwinelle Hall

Office Hours: M 11AM-12PM, Th 2-3PM

Annie Helms is a PhD candidate in the Romance Languages and Literature program. Her research interests include bilingual/trilingual phonetics and phonology, experimental and computational methods, and the production-perception link. She focuses primarily on Spanish, English, and Catalan in the US and in Spain. Before coming to UC Berkeley, she earned her B.S. from Baylor University with a double major in chemistry and Spanish.

Recent Publications

Bleaman, Isaac, Katie Cugno & Annie Helms. (In Press). Medium shifting and intraspeaker variation in conversational interviews. Language Variation and Change.

Helms, Annie, Gabriella Licata & Rachel Weiher. (2022). Influence of orthography in production and perception of /b/ in US Spanish. Estudios de Fonética Experimental, XXXI, 9-29.

Helms, Annie. (2022). Bay Area Spanish: regional sound change in contact languages. RLLT17, eds. Ora Matushansky, Laurent Roussarie, Michela Russo, Elena Soare & Sophie Wauquier. Special issue of Isogloss Open Journal of Romance Linguistics 8(2), 17: 1-18.

Helms, Annie. (2021). Bidirectionality of language contact: Spanish and Catalan vowels. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America, 6(1), 159-172.