Information for Second Language Learners of Spanish

How do I know which class is right for me?

  • Check the placement guide to learn about the previous experience required for each course and read the content covered in each course.
  • In order to learn a language, you need a moderate challenge. If the class is too challenging or not challenging at all, you won’t learn and, as a consequence, your grade will be negatively affected. If you know 70% or more of the content described on the placement chart, then enroll in the next level. For example, if you know 70% or more of the content covered in Spanish 1, the right class for you would be Spanish 2. 
  • Do not enroll in a basic level to fill the gaps you have.
  • Contact the director of the Spanish language program: Dr. Miriam Hernández-R. if:
    • You are between levels and/or have further questions
    • It has been a year and a half or more that you have taken a Spanish class

Can I enroll in the class that I want even though I know it will be a review for me?

  • No. You should not enroll in a language class with the intention of raising your GPA.
  •  You need to be honest and enroll in the class that is appropriate for your language proficiency level based on the placement chart or conversation with the Spanish program director.
  • The student community at UC Berkeley has adopted the following Honor Code: “As a member of the UC Berkeley community, I act with honesty, integrity, and respect for others.” The expectation is that you will adhere to this code when enrolling in a Spanish class.

Can I take two language classes at the same time?

  • No.

Do I need to take Spanish 1-4 to fulfill my language requirement?

  • If your language requirement asks for a course equivalent to the fourth semester or the second year, you just need to take Spanish 4 provided that you have the language proficiency to take it. However, if you haven’t taken Spanish courses before, you may need to start from Spanish 1, 2 or 3 depending on your proficiency level. Check the placement chart to decide the right level for you.

Can I miss my Spanish class one day per week to attend other class?

  • No. If you cannot commit to the schedule of the Spanish class you are interested in, you should take the class at a different time.

I am a senior graduating next semester. I really need to take a Spanish class, but I am on the waitlist. Do I have priority because I am a senior?

  • No. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis. No exceptions.

Syllabi for Spanish 1-4

Spanish 1 Syllabus

Spanish 2 Syllabus

Spanish 3 Syllabus

Spanish 4 Syllabus