Enrollment Policies and Procedures

Important Information Regarding the First Two Weeks of Class for:

– SPANISH R1A/B, 1, 2, 3, 4, 21, 22, 25   

We have a very high demand for our language classes, and more students want to take Spanish than can be accommodated. Because of this, we’ve had to impose strict requirements for attendance and enrolling from the wait list. Please read the following so that you’re aware of our policies and aren’t caught off guard as the semester begins.


(Note: You are not considered enrolled if you are on the wait list.)

Attendance is mandatory for the first two weeks of class. Any student who is not there when roll is taken will be dropped from the course.

Switching sections: You cannot use your position in a class to swap with another student. The only way to change sections of Spanish is to drop the class you are enrolled in and put yourself at the bottom of the wait list for the class that you want to take. See wait list policies below for procedures to follow once you are on a wait list.

Dropping students: We will be taking roll daily in all Spanish classes and will drop those students who do not attend. For each student who is dropped, one will move in from the wait list.

WAIT LIST POLICIES (strictly enforced)

There is no “crashing” of Spanish courses. The only way to get into a course is through the wait list, so please be sure that you’ve added yourself through CalCentral. Once on the list, you are added in the order in which you put yourself on the wait list.

Attendance at classes while on the wait list: Only the first five people listed on the wait list will be able to sit in on the class, and they are not guaranteed admittance to the class. Everyone else will be turned away. It is your responsibility to check your status daily to see what your position is on the wait list; do not attend class unless you are #1 – 5.

Enrollment cut-off: We will drop students through the second week of class and then cut off all additional enrollments. Therefore, if you’re not on the official class roster on Friday of the second week of class you will not be allowed to take the class, even if there is space at that time.

Don’t get caught short a class: If you’re on the wait list, please be sure to have an alternative plan in place, in case you do not get onto the class roster by our enrollment cut-off date.