Spanish 162: Spanish Morphology & Syntax

TuTh 12:30-2P, Social Sciences 104 | Instructor: Carr | CCN: 27996

Units: 4

Prerequisites: Span 100 – Linguistics Majors can petition to waive this

Taught in Spanish, this course serves to further familiarize students with the formal linguistic analysis of the structure of words, phrases, and sentences in the Spanish language. The course centers on canonical and non-canonical patterns of Spanish word formation (e.g. morpheme composition) and sentence composition (e.g. coordination, juxtaposition, subordination) with the goal of preparing students to conduct formal morphosyntactic analyses on Spanish varieties, as well as on their own speech. Special emphasis will be placed on examining competing morphosyntactic analyses for select Spanish phenomena, and differences in morphosyntactic features across Spanish dialects will also be addressed.