Spanish 285: The History, Arts and Literatures of Islamic Iberia

Th 3-6P, Dwinelle 210 | Instructor: Meerkhan | CCN: 29057

Units: 4.0

This course revisits the cultural history of Muslims in Spain from the conquest of North African troops in 711 CE until the expulsion of Moriscos (Muslim converts to Catholicism) in 1609. Topics include accounts of the Muslim conquest from early chronicles, both by Muslims and Visigoths; nostalgic elements in such architectural monuments as the Mosque of Cordoba and the Alhambra; the influential role by such minorities as Jews and Bebers in the politics of al-Andalus (Islamic Iberia); courtly and popular prose and poetry, with a special focus on poetry by Andalusi women; 1492 and its aftermath; among others.

The class will be conducted in English and all the texts will be available in translation. Arabic and Spanish speakers will have the option to submit their final papers in their respective language. The class will include presentations on themes related to the primary sources. We will also address some professional development issues occasionally. Finally, for the final research paper, students are encouraged to investigate connections between the medieval Iberian world and their own fields of investigation.