Spanish 2: Elementary Spanish – 2nd Semester

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Units: 5

Spanish 2 aims to develop language proficiency beyond the level attained in Spanish 1 to prepare students to take higher-level Spanish courses. In this course, students will gain oral and written language proficiency following a communicative language learning approach. Students will learn and practice a variety of verb tenses and linguistic structures (subjunctive, commands, past tenses, etc.) and develop understanding and appreciation of the Hispanic culture. Grammar is not taught explicitly in the classroom; instead, students are expected to study the material beforehand and practice it in class.  Students will learn Spanish through a variety of activities such as reading, listening, writing, and speaking in contextualized situations that will give them the opportunity to use the language to complete different tasks. Class time is to be used primarily for oral communication and practice, for this reason, the class will be conducted entirely in Spanish.

This course is appropriate for students with 3 years of high school Spanish. Spanish 2 is not open to students that learned or speak Spanish with family.

* This class requires ten outside hours of preparation each week in addition to five weekly in- class hours. If you do not have enough time to devote to this class, plan to take it at another time.

EARLY DROP DEADLINE (END OF 2ND WEEK) APPLIES. Attendance is mandatory for the first two weeks of class. Any student who is not there when roll is taken will be dropped from the class. 

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