Wind, Ariel

Before coming to UC Berkeley, Ariel attended Washington University in St. Louis, where her thesis on the politics of representation of post-NAFTA Mexican film, literature, and theater was awarded top honors. She also worked with Terry Karl of Stanford University, writing narrative for international tribunals on human rights and reconciliation in El Salvador. Ariel’s research interests include queer and feminist theory, biopolitics, and capitalism of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her article on monstrosity, prostitution, and the economy in Luis Zapata’s El vampiro de la colonia Roma was published in early 2015. Most recently, Ariel has taken an interest in avant-garde literature and art of the 1920s and 30s, Mexican performative spaces (i.e. cabarets, tertulias, and teatros de revista), and the socio-political imaginaries sparked in the overlap of these spheres. Besides experience teaching Spanish language, Ariel has done translation work for academic journals and has acted as an archival research assistant for UC Berkeley professors.