Paz Encina: 2017 UC Regent’s Lecturer, Spanish & Portuguese

Filmmaker and Artist, Paraguay
In residence January 29 – February 9

We are delighted to welcome Paz Encina on her first visit to the US. A Paraguayan artist, filmmaker, humanist, and committed intellectual, Encina is the UC Regents’ Lecturer of 2017. The extreme isolation of Paraguay for the last 150 years and the radical suppression of information about the country’s modern history are central to all of Encina’s film and installation work. “Memory as a theme is something inherent to my life. I was born during a dictatorship, and I lived my childhood and teenage years in a dictatorship.” In her work, Paraguay’s tragic isolation is seen as a consequence of a population devastated by numerous wars, decades of military rule and antidemocratic regimes, and a political economy that only recently has entered into neoliberal global forms of circulation.

Screenings at PFA:
Memory Exercises (2016), Wednesday, February 1, 7pm
Sorrows of the Struggle (2014-2016), Thursday February 2, 7pm
Paraguayan Hammock (2006), Thursday February 9, 7pm

Regent’s Lecture:
Monday, February 6th, 5pm
5125 Dwinelle Hall