Spanish 104B: Survey of Modern Latin American Literature & Culture

MWF 1-2, BARROWS 175 | Instructor: McEnaney | CCN: 30762

Units: 4

Prerequisites: Spanish 25

In this survey course, we will study the encounter between nature and literature—from the palma of José Martí to Alejandro Zambra’s bonsai—to examine how Latin American writers from the 19th century onwards have engaged the complex intersections between art, politics, ecology, and economy to shape modern Latin American history. How did writers help author emerging nations in struggles against the Spanish empire? What role have indigenous communities played in the construction of Latin American aesthetics? How did poets reimagine their art through new media technologies? And what role has literature played in political revolutions and the formation of Latin American identity? We will address these questions and others through novels, poems, crónicas, and films from 19th century modernismo to the postboom. Writers will include Sarmiento, Gorriti, Rulfo, Vallejo, Mistral, Guillén, Rivera, Arguedas, Aira, and more.