Portuguese 135: Comedians & Murderers (in Portuguese)

TuTh 11A-12:30P, BARROWS 54 | Instructor: Carvalho Pinheiro | CCN: 24256

Units: 4

Does comedy and crime fiction have an artistic common ground? Can a crime novel be a comedy of errors? From the analysis of more or less satirical artworks to the bloodiest (or bloodless?) crime fictions by Portuguese-speaking authors, students will reflect about themes such as dehumanization, tragedy of existence, and happiness. Toys and fruits populate Mário Vitória canvases in a nonsense scenario that depicts a murderous nature alluding to violence during childhood (videogames). But will this be the same natural setting as developed by Brazilian author Patrícia Melo and Portuguese author Luísa Costa Gomes in the (ir)rational characters of their stories? Are crime, acts of rationality, and comedy simply games of masks? Often seen as a marginal literary genre, crime fiction answers these questions and remains one of the most interesting forms to understand the complexity of the human mind. This course will be taught in Portuguese and students should understand Portuguese. No textbook required.