Spanish 1M: Spanish for Health Care Professionals

MTWTF 12-2P, Dwinelle 205 | Instructor: TBA | CCN: 14903

Units: 5

This course is a beginning Spanish language course for individuals studying or working in health-related areas. It is designed for students with little or no formal background in Spanish. The course is devoted to the study of medical Spanish terminology and the cultural issues related to successful interactions with Spanish-speaking patients and their families in the clinical encounter. It will introduce the student to a wide array of vocabulary particular to the medical field, as well as help the student develop a cultural understanding of medicine and illness in the Spanish-speaking world to prepare for potential work with Spanish-speaking patients in future careers in medicine, nursing, social work, translation/interpretation, or mental health settings.

Objectives: The course will:

  1. Introduce the student to Medical Spanish terminology encompassing a variety of fields.
  2. Address cultural issues that may affect the clinical encounter with Spanish-speaking patients and their families.
  3. Examine the conceptualization of medicine and illness in the Spanish-speaking world.
  4. Introduce students to bilingual professionals working in this field to discuss future training, certification and job opportunities.
  5. Provide students with the opportunity to shadow an interpreter in the local or regional community and reflect upon that experience.