Spanish 135.6: Poetry and Prose of Creative Survival: Bolivia and Peru

MWF 11A-12P, Barrows 136 | Instructor: Tarica | CCN: 30451

Units: 4

Prerequisites: Spanish 25

The central themes of this course focus on the longevity, tenacity, transformation and transformative-ness of indigenous peoples’ expression in Bolivia and Peru. We will examine key issues related to memory, identity, political struggles, land and the body. Course materials will center on literary texts, crónicas, history and anthropology, including: a 16th century elegy in honor of the fallen Inca; the chronicles written by those who killed him; a story about a scissors dancer who passes on his legacy to his apprentice; a novel about one community’s confrontation with international mining; an ethnography-conversation about the power of a mountain being; the poems of an indigenous anarcho-feminist in La Paz; and many others materials that allow us to grapple with the colonial legacies of the Andes and the creativity of those who’ve persisted and resisted. Required books TBA.