Spanish 135.1: From Slavery to Citizenship: Literature, Race and Nation in the Hispanic Caribbean

TuTh 12:30-2P, DWINELLE 87 | Instructor: Dominguez | CCN: 20970

Units: 4

Prerequisite: Spanish 25

This course is dedicated to studying the links between literature, culture, and slavery in the Hispanic Caribbean. Among the salient themes are the impact of the Haitian Revolution on slaveholding Caribbean societies; the rise and decline of the plantation as an economic model; differences and similarities between systems of slavery in the English, French, and Spanish Caribbean; race and identity in the Caribbean; conspiracies, rebellions, and national projects; and slavery and the literary canon (romanticism, realism, and costumbrismo). Methodologically, the seminar is interdisciplinary: we will work with materials drawn not only from the literature and intellectual history of slavery in the Hispanic Caribbean, but also from visual culture, including lithographs, photographs, and film, and from the medical and scientific archive that took shape around this subject.