Spanish 135.4: Audible Resistance: Music and Literature in Latin America

MWF 12-1P, Barrows 174 | Instructor: McEnaney | CCN: 30449

Units: 4

Prerequisites: Spanish 25

Cumbia, corridos, son, reggaeton. Salsa, subte, rock nacional. These and other musical forms across Latin America and the Caribbean have driven cultural change, inspired and provided the soundtrack for political movements, and carried whole histories of migration, enslavement, and liberation in their rhythms and sounds. At the same time, writers and filmmakers have borrowed from music to reimagine the structure of storytelling and inaugurate audiotopias, noise uprisings, and sounds of belonging. From debates about tango and bolero in Manuel Puig’s Boquitas Pintadas to Severo Sarduy’s anti-colonial radio plays remixing the music of Portugal’s colonies, to electroacoustic versions of César Vallejo’s poems, to punk and revolution in Perú, Cuba, and Fogwill’s “Muchacha Punk,” in this course we’ll study how music and literature have come together to transform each other and sonic cultures throughout Latin America and the world. Additional authors will include Alarcón, Cabrera Infante, Caignet, Carpentier, Costa, Cortázar, Guillén, Rafael Sánchez, and others.