Portuguese 27: Introduction to Portugal, Brazil, and other Portuguese-Speaking Cultures (In English)

MWF 12-1P, DWINELLE 206 | Instructor: Carvalho Pinheiro | CCN: 46642

Units: 3

Experiencing the 60’s: an introduction to the Portuguese-speaking Cultures

This course offers an overview of contemporary Portuguese-Speaking Cultures and Literatures. The time frame covered by the course is from the sixties–years of rupture and experimentalism in artistic and cultural production—to the present. Students will study the concrete poetry of the Portuguese author Ana Hatherly, the visual (“Concrete”) poems of the Brazilian author Haroldo de Campos, and the drawings of the Swiss-Brazilian artist Maria Schendel. In addition, the course content will include among others the multi-layered music of the Angolan duet Ouro Negro and the political essays of Cape Verdean academic Amílcar Cabral. Themes such as colonization, decolonization, freedom, will be among the larger, decidedly compelling group of subjects on which the course will touch.

The course will be taught in English and all required texts will be available in English.