Portuguese 135: Transatlantic Saudade

MWF 10-11A, DWINELLE 130 | Instructor: Carvalho Pinheiro | CCN: 19885

Units: 4

What is Saudade?

Saudade is one of the most time-honored and fascinating cultural notions still present in Portuguese-speaking societies. How then does it manifest in contemporary artistic expressions, including music, literature, film, painting, music, and architecture. The seductive voice of Brazilian musician João Gilberto, the irresistible rhythms of Cape’s Verde gran diva Cesária Évora, the compelling cinematic images of Brazilian director Eduardo Coutinho, the vibrant paintings of Mozambican artist José Pádua, the humor-laced prose of the Portuguese writer Miguel Esteves Cardoso, and the celebrated Portuguese fado singer Mariza are some of the living clues that will guide us to a fuller understanding of Saudade. This course offers students a unique hands-on opportunity to explore Saudade as a multinational phenomenon through which to discover other cultures.

This course will be taught in Portuguese.