Spanish 135.1: The Cuban Revolution: Literature, Culture and Politics

TuTh 12:30-2P, Dwinelle 83 | Instructor: Dominguez | CCN: 23803

Units: 4

Prerequisites: Spanish 25

This course explores the cultural and intellectual history of the Cuban revolution throughout a wide array of artistic production, from canonical and non-canonical literary works to films, music and blogs. It is divided into two main sections, which represent two different modes of sensibilities. While the first one is marked by the ideas of utopia and new man and is oriented toward the future (1959-1971), the second one is characterized by nostalgia, melancholia and makes the past and the ruins its main object of reflection (1989-present). Within this framework, we will also examine issues such as the role of the intellectual, autonomy of art, ideology and art, anti-intellectualism, art and life, revolution, state, among others. This course includes theoretical and critical essays by Claudia Gilman, Rafael Rojas, Lillian Guerra, Ernesto Guevara; films by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Fernando Pérez; music by Silvio Rodriguez; novels by Zoé Valdés and Antonio José Ponte; blogs by Yoani Sanchez.