Spanish 135.1: What do we mean by “Everyday Life”?

MWF 2-3P, BARROWS 185 | Instructor: Navarrete | CCN: 24682

Units: 4

Prerequisites: Spanish 25

We think we know what everyday life is, but what exactly do we mean when we refer to la vida cotidiana? To the places where we live? To our bodies, to the food that we eat, to the way that we spend money? To daily customs and habits, to the furniture in our homes, to our most intimate relationships? The stream of consciousness of our thoughts? More importantly, how do we write about something that seems so clear and obvious, yet is so elusive when we try to pin it down? In this course we will read some selections from authors who have tried to theorize the concept of everyday life, and from writers, primarily from Spain and Mexico, who sought to represent it. Readings will include selections from literary critic Erich Auerbach, novelists Cervantes, Galdós, Soledad Puertolas, and José Emilio Pacheco, and historians Braudel, Desfourneux, and Pilar Gonzalbo Aizpuru. But the emphasis in the course will be on student writing, including building up the vocabulary necessary for the description of everyday life.