Spanish 280.1: Políticas de la tierra y el agua en México

Th 3-6P, BARROWS 129 | Instructor: Del Valle | CCN: 21280

Units: 4

In this seminar we will attempt to understand the policies that have been associated with water and land in Mexico from the Pre-Hispanic era until today. The course will focus on key moments and issues that show significant changes between prior eras or the emergence of new problems. In the case of Mexico City, for example, since the foundation of Tenochtitlan by the Mexicas in 1325, water has always been a fundamental, determining factor in society: from their religious practices to the most quotidian moments of their lives. The conquest marked a radical change in the way water was conceived. In spite of this, water continued its central role in the agricultural communities that, until the 20th century, constituted the majority of the population. More recently, changes to the Mexican Constitution have directly affected the water and land rights of many sectors of the population – principally indigenous and/or campesinos.