Spanish 102C: Volunteering, Global Education and Good Writing

TuTh 12:30-2P, DWINELLE B-3 | Instructor: Barili | CCN: 25999

Units: 4

Prerequisites: Span 25

This course is designed to deepen the acquisition of the language and cultures studied in our Department, and prepare students to serve the local and global community. Spanish 102C assists students to develop their ability to express themselves in Spanish (written and oral) and to gain analytical and practical skills through academic coursework and the practical experience of volunteering 20 hours during the semester in Oakland International High School and East Bay Sanctuary Covenant. These acclaimed NGOs serve those most in need within the Latino community in Berkeley and Oakland. Students gain further knowledge of international development and of the living cultures of Latin America, while studying the possibility of volunteering in that region with NGOs that they select and investigate. They exercise critical thinking and good writing by reaching out to those NGOs for further investigation of opportunities to volunteer with them. Working in teams, students set up interviews with CEOs from those NGOs, interview them in class–in Spanish, via Skype–, prepare a web page about their research on the NGO and its programs, write blogs about the process of volunteering locally and of searching for opportunities to volunteer in Latin America, and, at the end of the semester write a letter presenting themselves to apply for a position with the NGO that interest them the most. All along, through class discussion, biweekly journals, presentations and academic blogs, students reflect on their experiences in the classroom and in the volunteering sites, integrating in their analysis the themes and perspectives from readings and videos assigned for the course.

Each student will be supported in creating his/her e-portfolios, a prototype of their own website. In their e-portfolio, students present through text and images what they learn in this course, and show how the knowledge and skills they acquired relate to other skills and knowledge they developed in previous academic and working experiences, and how it contributes to shape and support their vocation as future professionals. These and other innovative aspects of Spanish 102C: Volunteering, Global Education and Good Writing are registered in two websites (in Spanish and in English). We invite you to visit them.

This course also counts as an elective course towards the Global Poverty & Practice Minor.