Amelia Barili speaks at the Waves of Innovation event

Earlier this year, the UCB Center for Teaching and Learning organized a Waves of Innovation event “to showcase work that has accomplished broad goals in improving pedagogy, and specifically in student engagement strategies, large enrollment courses, student writing and assessment”. Amelia Barili presented there: “Volunteering, Global Education and Good Writing: Preparing Students to Succeed” where she spoke about this Spanish Department course that offers students the opportunity to volunteer locally and to prepare themselves to volunteer internationally.

In this short video, Amelia explains two of the pedagogical innovations of the course: Writing a Constitution for the Course, and Creating e-portfolios. Writing a Constitution at the beginning of the semester allows students to move from being a separate conglomeration of individuals to becoming a community of co-learners who share common goals and methods that they commit to use. Creating e-portfolios at the end, enables students to reflect about the relevance of the work they have done–as related to their life and academic goals–and showcase their work.

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